Mission Statement

To share the gospel and the love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ with people, by caring for the homeless and the needy, leading them to faith and maturity in Christ, equipping them and sending them out to minister God’s good news.

  • We shall diligently worship God and develop limitless intimacy with Jesus Christ – CONCENTRATION ON CHRIST
  • We shall care for the homeless and the needy – COMPASSION OF CHRIST
  • We shall spread the gospel of salvation to all souls – CONVERSION TO CHRIST
  • We shall disciple others for Christ as commanded by Him – Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel to all nations – COMMITMENT TO CHRIST
  • We shall contribute through our service to the Lord and our community – CONTRIBUTION TO CHRIST


Our vision is growth through evangelism, developing, leading and training adults and youths in our community, to establish a Mercy Ministry to care for the needy.